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Who we are

We believe​
We trust the people who use our service,​
believing they will act as we
expect them to.

"We call these people 'KONOfam’.”

"KONOfam" is :



An individual passionate about his or her growth and development, unhesitating in investing in himself or herself.
Someone who cherishes life, radiates self-love, and lives authentically. ​
An adventurer at heart, always open to new experiences and eager for fresh perspectives. ​
A trendsetter, always in tune with rapidly-evolving trends and discerning in his or her choices. ​
A resilient spirit, undeterred by present challenges, pushing forward with confidence and self-belief. ​
An ever-curious soul, keen on exploring the vastness beyond his or her known world and unafraid to venture into the unknown. ​
A proactive thinker, keenly aware of global issues and leading the charge in finding innovative solutions. ​


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