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Who we are

Korea's Taegeuk Symbol
Red & Blue

When RED & BLUE are blended
in perfect harmony, they create  
That  PURPLE  is the essence of our energy.​


The "Taegeuk" symbol embodies the primal state of the universe before the division of sky and earth, signifying the very origin of the cosmos. The melding of the red sky with the blue earth produces the color purple, symbolizing the entirety of the world, the cosmos, and the universe. In essence, KOTACT is the juncture where the world and universe converge, transcending the bounds of the cosmos itself.​


대지 59.png

The innovative market concept, "Purple Ocean," merges the best attributes of both the fiercely competitive "Red Ocean" market and the unexplored "Blue Ocean" market. 
Leveraging Hangeul, recognized by global linguistic scholars as the most scientific, rational, and advanced script in human history, we craft a market of unparalleled value.​

From left to right, from top to bottom, whether there are characters or not,
the ideal of unifying a divided world
is the very color of KOTACT.​



We create a new business model through the innovative challenge ​
of the K language combined with cultural experiences.​

코택트_로고_kotact_분리형[D0]20230816v2_코택트_로고_시그니처 세로_다크_[D0]20230816v2.png
코택트_로고_kotact_분리형[D0]20230816v2_코택트_로고_시그니처 가로1_다크_[D0]20230816v2.png
코택트_로고_kotact_분리형[D0]20230816v2_코택트_로고_시그니처 가로2_다크_[D0]20230816v2.png
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