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KONOGRAM’s Korean language Learning Board Game ’JEONGEUM-Card’, Makes Debut in Japanese Market

KOTACT Teams Up with Japanese Partner KnT to Execute Localization Strategy

- Targeting the Japanese Market with JEONGEUM-Card for Korean Language Education

Ramping Up Tailored Marketing for the Japanese Market and Preparing Educational Kits Based on JEONGEUM-Card

Amidst the perpetual adoration of Korean cultural content in Japan and the accelerated interest in the Korean language, KOTACT's educational brand, KONOGRAM, has made a fresh entry into the Japanese market with its Korean language Learning Board Game, the 'JEONGEUM-Card', renamed as 'KONOGRAM ジョンウムカード'.

The Korean Wave in Japan has transcended mere trends and has heightened the atmosphere for learning the Korean language. In response to this demand, KOTACT, in close collaboration with its partner, KnT, initiated the localization process of the JEONGEUM-Card in Japan. Not only have the game names, methods, and difficulty levels been adjusted, but the recommended target audience has also been tailored to meet the preferences of Japanese learners, creating an environment where learning the Korean script is made more accessible and enjoyable.

Furthermore, through KONOGRAM's global official YouTube channel (KONOGRAM_ExperiLearn Korean), instructional videos in Japanese about the usage of the JEONGEUM-Card and various game strategies are introduced to facilitate learners' easier access and experience. The content provided on this channel offers learners the opportunity to study the Korean script and language anytime and anywhere, delivering educational value beyond expectations.

KONOGRAM's JEONGEUM-Card is currently under development to create an on-and-offline education kit that reflects a curriculum suitable for Korean language learners and educators in the Japanese context. The forthcoming educational kit is expected to serve as a customized educational tool for Korean language teachers and learners in Japan, showcasing the potential of the JEONGEUM-Card as more than just a one-dimensional educational game but as educational content. KONOGRAM's representatives expressed their determination to provide optimized educational curricula and support in the Japanese market through collaboration with KnT.

This expansion marks a significant step for KONOGRAM, aiming to enrich the experience and foster continued growth of Korean language education in Japan.


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