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KONOGRAM's Korean Board Game 'JEONGEUM-Card' Expands Globally Through Amazon and Shopee

‘JEONGEUM Card’ for Learners and Educators Unveiled by KONOGRAM's Online Language Service, Now Available Internationally

Preparations are underway for educational curriculum content based on 'JEONGEUM Card' for foreign Korean language learners and teachers.

The Korean Board Game 'JEONGEUM Card' has secured its entry into international markets just one year after its domestic release. Now, this product can be found not only in the domestic market but also on major online platforms overseas, such as Amazon and Shopee. KOTACT aims to promote the spread of Korean language education and culture through this overseas expansion and plans to enter at least 10 countries within the coming three years.

<Amazon US Market>

<Shopee Singapore Market>


KOTACT stated, “Through Amazon, we are targeting the U.S. market, and Shopee, we plan to expand sales in Southeast Asia and North America, particularly in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Brazil, and Mexico.'"

KOTACT, which directly manages the entire process from planning to production and sales, aims to help more people become familiar with the Korean language and culture through this overseas sales venture. They plan to contribute to the globalization of Korean culture. Through this, 'JEONGEUM Card' is expected to become more than just an educational board game, but also a significant medium for introducing Korean culture and language to the world."

Furthermore, officials from KOTACT expressed, "Reflecting the international interest in Korean culture and the Korean language learning trend, we hope that through 'JEONGEUM Card,' more individuals can enjoy and effectively learn Korean." They continued, "This game can be utilized not only for entertainment but also for educational purposes, making it highly valuable for foreign students as well as educators teaching Korean."

In particular, the company is currently in the process of developing various educational curricula and has stated, "We plan to support educators in utilizing 'JEONGEUM Card' in various educational settings." With this, 'JEONGEUM Card' is expected to go beyond being just a game and provide diverse ways to maximize its educational impact, further advancing the global spread of the Korean language and culture.

'JEONGEUM Card' is not just a simple board game but a groundbreaking educational tool. Its official English name is 'KONOGRAM JEONGEUM-Card Board Game,' and it offers a range of games with varying levels of difficulty that can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced Korean language learners, catering to both newcomers and proficient speakers.

Through the free app provided by 'JEONGEUM Card,' when scanning the game cards featuring Hangeul letters, users can listen to the precise pronunciation of Hangeul spoken by native speakers. Additionally, the app visually demonstrates the mouth shape and tongue placement required for accurate pronunciation, providing significant assistance to those who struggle with Korean pronunciation learning. Thanks to these diverse features, 'JEONGEUM Card' allows learners of Korean, from beginners to advanced levels, to enjoy learning Hangeul and Korean words based on effective communication.


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