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JEONGEUM-Card Game opens a new phase of Korean language education by entering the Chinese market

KONOGRAM's innovative educational tool accelerate global adoption

KOTACT's Korean education brand, "KONOGRAM," recently revealed the successful export of its innovative educational tool, the JEONGEUM-Card Game, to the Chinese market for the first time. In addition to entering the Chinese market in October 2023, the JEONGEUM-Card Game had already made its way into the U.S. and Southeast Asian markets in September of the previous year. This strategic expansion brings KOTACT one step closer to achieving its global goal of promoting Korean language and culture.

KOTACT plans to offer unique and engaging teaching methods by integrating the JEONGEUM -Card Game into various approaches through the educational platform "KONOGRAM." KOTACT envisions that this initiative will bring significant advantages to Korean language learners in China and educators of the Korean language worldwide.

A KOTACT official stated, "We anticipate that the JEONGEUM-Card Game will sustain its success in the Chinese market, serving not only as an innovative language education tool but also as an international learning tool." With the firm establishment of the JEONGEUM-Card Game in the Chinese market, KOTACT's subsequent objective is to set a global standard for Korean language education.


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