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Global Korean ExperiLearn Education Business 'KOTACT' Achieves Venture Company Certification

The global Korean education business, 'KOTACT,' has recently successfully obtained venture company certification.The category KOTACT achieved is 'Innovative Growth Type,' recognizing the company's innovative technology, content, and impressive business growth trajectory.

Centered around the 'Global Korean ExperiLearn' service, KOTACT's KONOGRAM platform offers innovative learning solutions for foreigners eager to learn Korean. Simultaneously, it promises a shift from traditional education methods by launching a variety of technologies and content progressively from 2023 to 2025. This platform introduces a new language learning genre called 'ExperiLearn(Experiential Language Learning)' that provides learners with experience-centric education, thus aiding them more effectively in acquiring the Korean language.

Venture company certification is awarded to businesses showcasing innovation in technology and content, along with sustainable business growth. By attaining this certification, KOTACT's advanced technological prowess and strategic business plans have received official recognition.

With this certification as a stepping stone, KOTACT is expected to expand its operations in the global market, positioning itself as a leading company pioneering a new paradigm in Korean language education.


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