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Make Your Korean Name

The beginning of
all communication between people, 
sharing greetings and their own names.

With the MyKN system, you can proudly have your Hangeul name, and even create a Hangeul name that can be used in all countries that use Hanja. Here, you can have an Asian name.

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120,000 people from around the world have
already created their names on

( As of March 31, 2023 )

MyKN is not a system that generates names
randomly with no connection to you.

In 60 seconds, you can receive a Korean name card with tremendous value and practicality, surpassing your imagination.


There are 1,000,010,000
possible naming data bases available.

( As of March 31, 2023 )

At this very moment, the database of Korean names is increasing, 
and we are doing our best to present you with the best Korean name as a gift.

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MyKN creates your name as follows :

MyKN uses a database of over 70,000 names created by a Korean manager.
The Korean manager is currently expanding the database of Korean names.

When you enter your native language first name, native language last name, gender, date of birth, country and city of residence, and email into MyKN, the MyKN system will review the most suitable name for you.

The MyKN selects the most fitting Korean name for you.

MyKN issues the final selected name in the form of a "name card."
You can share this name card on your social media.

The MyKN algorithm uses
all the information you input 
to find and select
the optimal name.

First name,
Last name



and City


Native language,First Name & Last name, The algorithm examines both your native language name and the Korean name with the closest pronunciation, and the meaning contained in the name.

The algorithm examines names that are suitable for your gender.

Date of birth, The algorithm examines names that are appropriate for your age range.

The algorithm examines names that are suitable for your country and city of residence.

If there is no name suitable for you in the database, MyKN Manager will make a name and send it to the email address you provided.

Name Card

MyKN name card
provides not only the
pronunciation of the name, 
but also
the meaning hidden in the name.

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